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 *The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even    touched  they must be felt deep in our hearts :) :) :) .....


I may not be perfect. I may not be gorgeous. But I'm me and that is okay with me. Because I'm naturally beautiful inside and that's something you will never be.

***Student Information Sheet***

Last Name: Ares First Name: Sarah Jane Middle I. M

Home Phone : 0948112355 Emergency Phone: 09486112355

Birthday : January 3,1997

Parent or Guardian : Mr. Jaime Ares Jr.

                                        Mrs. Lucia Ares

Status : Single

Home Address: Mantalongon Dalaguete,Cebu

School ; Mantalongon National HIghschool

City : Cebu State: Dalaguete   Zip Code: 6012

E-Mail Address : [email protected]

Homeroom Teacher: Mrs.Chona Palange

Favorite Color: pink , blue & green

Favorite Sports : swimming, volleyball and tennis

Hobbies : playing guitar, reading some interesting books,

Dancing, singing . acting , and going out w/ friends.

What is your favorite subject? ENGLISH , MAPEH , FILIPINO , A.P, SCIENCE, & 


What is your ambition? To become a successful teacher someday.

im just beautiful me :)

****the group V****

i love my group...

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.

The Brief History of Mantalongon NHS-Dalaguete


This logo is modified by Mr. Lumayag

        The Mantalongon National High School is located 13 kilometers west of the town of Dalaguete which is 84 kilometers southeast of Cebu City.

        In its begininning, the school was only an extension high school of Dalaguete Provincial High School in 1966. It was housed in the Mantalongon Elementary School using 2 classrooms for the first and second year students.

        The school is now under the administration of Mr. Luis C. Carin, the Lead Principal of the Dalaguete Secondary Schools with 37 teachers; 6 of them are locally funded facilitators to guide the 1,378 students as of June 7, 2012.

        The school guidance counselor is Mrs. Lilian Carin; Mr. Lito Pelomino, as school property custodian ;Mr. George P. Lumayag, as ICT Coordinator. 
        For information drive and online lectures , Mr. Lumayag has also developed the school ICT Department website: www.mantalongonnhsict.weebly.com and or  Such domain name: www.georgelumayag.com is a personal website of Mr. Lumayag. He did purchase said domain name from his personal savings worth Php 2,000.00 plus. The school did not spend even a single centavo for that. 

         He is employed in MNHS and appointed as ICT Coordinator by Mr. Ramon M. Cortes, principal 1 SY: 2005-06 up to January 3, 2013. Mr. Lumayag has the right to publish information about the ICT department and he has also the right to publish all of his lectures and students' outputs online. 

        Concerning of WiFi connections, he installed switch hubs through a Local Area Networking and he also installed and configured 6 routers to set a free wireless connection in school. Now, the main campus is a free WiFi Zone.

        The school has 25 academic classrooms, a library and science laboratory at the municipal buildings, and a computer lab at the 2 storey DepEd building. It has also a cultural stage with a quadrangle, CAT office, canteens, faucet drinking corners, stockrooms, composed hip segregation corners, and toilets for boys and girls. 

Beauty is not the appearance of someone, but, it is their personality and how they are on the inside, as well as their heart.



“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”